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    GEO SPEC operates a fleet of new generation, high capacity seismic vessels
    and offers contract seismic surveys,
    Multi-Client projects and processing services on a worldwide basis.
    Land Seismic
    Marine Seismic
  • Highly flexible survey design.
    The best results come from the best business practices.
    We developed our seismic system with specific technology,
    product was designed to be extremely reliable and flexible,
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GEO SPEC is a geophysical company with high standards, by gathering a team of experts and knowledgeable staff, implementing suitable systems and developing proper strategies in land & TZ seismic operations. In modern exploration of oil and gas, geophysics is the key to success. Geophysical exploration, specifically, the seismic method, provides the necessary technology to remote sense the structural or strotigraphic reservoir to reduce the drilling risk. In this field, we are playing an important role as an active, strong and reliable geophysical company.


The health and safety of our employees, contractors, community members, and the environment are the primary concern of our operations.


Our system is once in and once out, rapid deployment and retrieval.


We have advanced Technology seismic processing, pre-stack time and depth imaging, reverse time migration, and tomography.


We have experience working with a variety of industries, primarily oil and gas exploration. Our strength is in efficient, high-quality, low-impact, and cost-effective seismic data acquisition.

Project Management

We balance your geophysical needs with your budgetary restraints, and that starts in the project planning and design phase.

Field Processing

Our data management and processing staff has the experience and tools to provide the best data quality assurance. The data is formatted to industry standard.

GEO SPEC is the key to success

With our system, our oil and gas clients have been able to pinpoint potential new drilling locations and increase efficiencies in existing production areas. Our passive data is also contributing to a new understanding of earthquakes and velocity models that could help in planning for natural disasters.


Get more data, faster. Our efficient and effective cable-free system saves you time and money, giving you a quicker return on your investment.


Every element contains all of the elements and technologies needed to sense, acquire, digitize, filter, and store seismic data. Control circuitry, timing, and power are contained within the unit.


In every region in which we operate, our comprehensive QHSE system is central to our everyday actions.